For whom ? and why?
Apprentis chercheurs was created in 2002 and is hosted at Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS). INRS is a graduate research and training institution composed of four research centers. In paralell to their activities, INRS members have at heart the promotion of science to youth in order to train the next generation of scientists.

The program aims to offer high school students (levels 3 to 5) a unique opportunity to discover science and research with no other than INRS student-researchers themselves, accessible and inspiring models for our youth.

One week lab internships Each "apprentice" is paired with a graduate student with whom he/she will explore scientific research. More info
Conferences and career days Virtually or face-to-face, INRS' student researchers communicate their scientific findings and share their science and education pathway. More info
<<[The internship] allowed me to gain new scientific knowledge, rigour, work methodology and learn how a lab functions (free translation).>>
Marie-Pier (participant 2017), Montréal
<<[Being an apprentice] game me the desire to pursue science education and make the necessary effort to get there (free translation).>>
Yoan (participant 2016), Montréal
<<I felt that we, youth, were important to pursue scientific research! (free translation)>>
Marie-Catherine (participant 2018), Montérégie
<< [The science career workshop] allowed me to see that there is not only jobs in research. There are many other science careers for all tastes and lifestyles! (free translation)>>
Maude (participant 2016), Montérégie
<<I was very well supervised and I learned many concepts at my own pace. Thanks to the “one on one” match with a mentor, I worked in the fields that I had interest for. (free translation)>>
Sabrina (participant 2014), Montréal
<<I didn’t think the experience would mark me that much. […] The program has confirmed that I want to become a scientist. I would recommend this program to any student that have a passion for science. >>
Anton (participant 2015), Montréal
<<This experience was unique and allowed me personally to confirm my interest for research and my dream to become a scientist (free translation). >>
Keven (apprenti 2017), Outaouais
<<I learned many [lab] rules and learned how to manipulate instruments [and] with this experience, I developed an interest for neurosciences and research! (free translation)>>
Jasmine (participant 2016), Montréal
<<[This experience] allowed me to discover a new passion in me : research and experimentation. There are no words to describe this program, which is more than perfect and even magical!(free translation)>>
Pascale (participant 2018), Nouveau-Brunswick
<<In my environment, I do not have access to any scientists, so for me this was an incredible opportunity [to meet] and learn more about their work. (free translation)>>
Thomas (participant 2016), Laurentides
I want to become an apprentice
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